Maxine Jones, PhD asks...
"When you were growing up, what were you taught about your soul?"

That it was mysterious and spiritual but basically unknowable for a human being? Something to discover once you got to Heaven?

Did your school ever teach you about your soul? No, of course not, education put soul in the realm of religion. Religion took it and made it elusive and attainable only after we died.  But it is neither religious nor elusive. It is very much here and now.

And I promise you, it’s quite knowable…

We are in a huge evolutionary phase with more opportunity than ever before to connect with our souls and reach enlightenment.

But what does that feel like? What does it look like?  Well, imagine a life where there is no stress, no fear and no death. That’s living life from the perspective of Soul.  From the perspective of eternity.

Imagine your soul as Fred Astaire, the perfect dance partner who knows all the right steps.  Imagine allowing that partner to lead you to express the best aspects of who you truly are. To help you live a life of greatness, ease and success. You’re finally dancing with someone who knows how to lead!

“Your soul is your guide to the greatest miracles and mysteries you will ever witness. Each one of us has the keys to the universe through our soul.Your soul knows everything you have ever done, every thought you have ever had, and every feeling you have ever felt. Your soul knows you better than you will ever know yourself, and you are safe with your soul.”

Maxine Jones, PhD
Launch Your Inner Radar

Connecting with your soul helps you:

•    Get rid of your baggage
•    Face challenges that defeated you before
•    Know your true purpose and achieve your dreams
•    Spontaneously feel joy—for no particular reason
•    Live the authentic self you were created to live
•    Walk into enlightenment

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