Better and Beyond: The Evolutionary Enlightenment Partners Book

Welcome to the Light of Love, my friends. Welcome to the world beyond fear. Welcome to the world that is Eternal, eternally and fully Love. Archangel Gabriel

So often Enlightenment is spoken of, yet does this concept have any relevance in our daily life? What does “being enlightened” really mean? If we were truly enlightened beings, would life appear different? These were the questions of the Evolutionary Enlightenment Partners.

In our enlightenment, we begin to see that as we have incarnated and moved through the human consciousness program and system, we became splintered and lost our own internal guidance system to an external system in order to belong. We learned to comply with the consciousness but lost our authentic self, our “soul self,” to the system we came to explore, but which has now outlived its usefulness. This is why now is the time not only of enlightenment but evolution—or “What more is there to explore in our third dimension beyond our ego?” This is the starting point of evolution—but it is not a journey or a cycle. It is simply where we become aware of what has always been there, the wakening to what is, and allowing what lies beyond.

Documented in Better and Beyond is our exploration of enlightenment. It outlines the path we took during our experience of enlightenment, which simultaneously allowed our dormant potential to be awakened–our soul. The book provides information, examples and exercises in support of those interested in living their true potential.

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Better and Beyond Book

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